Chitwan is at the southwestern part of province-03 in Nepal. Bharatpur is the headquarter of the Chitwan district. Similarly, Bharatpur is the premier commercial and educational hub of the whole central South of Nepal. Chitwan in Sanskrit stands as “Chitta” meaning Heart and “Vana” means jungle. Thus, it means the “Heart of Jungle.”, Chitwan is a homeland for vast tropical forests along with denser vegetations. Most of the villagers here are involved in farming, horticulture, and traditional businesses. Farmers grow rice, paddy, wheat, barley, maize, flowers, etc. Additionally, fish farming, biogas production, are also widespread in Chitwan.

Chitwan National Park

Similarly, Chitwan National Park is a premier part of the Chitwan district. It is among the top wildlife conservation area in the whole of South Asia. Chitwan National Park comprises 68 species of mammals, 544 species of birds, along with significant varieties of amphibians. National Park is famous for its conservation of endangered species like One-Horned Rhino, Royal Bengal Tiger, etc. 

Jungle Safari

Chitwan Jungle Safari is a fabulous option to view the Chitwan Rhinos and Royal Bengal tigers. Besides this, Chitwan National Park’s journey admits majestic views of glorious landscapes, floras, faunas, denser forests, etc. Chitwan is a homeland for several tribal peoples, among them Tharus, Chaudhari’s, Magars, Chettris, Brahmins, etc. However, Tharus in Chitwan are famous for their unique culture, dances, and presentations.

Chitwan, Tharu Culture, Activities:

Tharu village tour and Tharu dances are among the popular attractions for tourists in Chitwan. Chitwan is very rich in culture and wildlife biodiversity. Widespread farming in Chitwan Jungle Safari includes cash crops, mustard oils, cabbage, cauliflower, potato, broccoli, beans, etc. Wildlife in Chitwan includes globally renowned imperial bio-diversity. Apart from this, the gallant flow of Narayani and Rapti river bestows the surroundings of Chitwan districts. Travelers can witness several hotels, lodges, resorts, and restaurants in Sauraha, Chitwan.

The Conclusion

Moreover, Sauraha stands tall with its amazing landscapes and flexible weather conditions. Chitwan National Park, Tharu Museum, Devghat, Elephant Polo, Night Tower, Elephant Breeding Center, etc. are some gallant highlights of Sauraha. Besides this, Chitwan is renowned for its varieties of foods, as well. Traditional Dal Bhat, Momo, Sukuti Khaja Set, Newari Cuisine, Tharu foods are prominent meals in Chitwan. 

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Chitwan is at the southwestern part of Nepal. Chitwan Jungle Safari journey admits majestic views of glorious landscapes, floras, faunas, denser forests.
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