Jungle Activities in Chitwan:

Jungle Safari in Chitwan is full of incredible activities. Chitwan National Park offers excellent majesty of nature and wildlife paradise. Holidays destinations in Chitwan, Nepal, is well renowned globally. Moreover, tourists globally experience unusual activities in Chitwan. Elephant Back Safari, Jungle Walk, Bird Watching, Canoeing, Tharu Village Tour, Tharu Culture Tour, Jeep Safari, etc. are prominent activities in Chitwan. Additionally, Elephant Briefing, a special tour, sunset tour, is another critical tour of Chitwan Safari.

Elephant Back Safari:

Elephant Back Safaris Is a great choice, which is inclusive in Chitwan Safari, which offers a dip view of exotic biodiversity. Sitting tall on Elephants back admits views of denser forests of Chitwan National Park, Wildlife, villages, etc. Thus, Jungle Activities in Chitwan is among the best experience to have in Chitwan National Park.

Bird Watching:

Bird Watching from rivers bank offers fantastic views of imperial birds. It is just an excellent platform to acclimatize with an awesome vibe of stunning birds along with the abundant natural environments. Chitwan National Park is a homeland to many incredible birds. Many Birds from different parts of the globe come in search of asylum in Chitwan National Park. National Park has a wide variety of birds, to illustrate Chitwan National Park, admits high exotic biodiversity. Thus, observing colorful birds on a stunning sky gives fabulous feelings of insight spirit.

Jungle/Nature Walk:

Naturalistic walk towards the Jungle of Chitwan National Park offers fabulous views of lush subtropical Jungles. Walking across the jungles of Chitwan National Park admits illustrations of rhinos, sloth bears, and other wild animals. Additionally, our naturalist guide will give you complete information about the details of various birds, animals, plants all across your walk. 

Boating/Canoeing Trip:

The canoe ride is a stunning package that is inclusive of the most trip. Canoeing along the stunning Rapti river is a fabulous option to experience the beauty of the Rapti river, Jungles, Birds, etc. Additionally, you will have the chance to experience species of crocodiles like Marsh & Mugged Crocodiles along with fish-eating gharials.

Elephant Breeding Center:

Our naturalistic guide will take you towards the unique Elephant Breeding center Sauraha, Chitwan jungle Safari. It’s probably the best breeding center in the whole of South Asia. You will have a great platform to see both Mother and Baby elephants. Likewise, you will have the option for photo sessions with both mother and baby elephants. The Elephant Breeding Center in Sauraha established in the year 1985, with the intention of Elephant conservation.

Tharu Village Tour:

We will discover the traditional Tharu communities in Chitwan National Park. Tharu peoples are the tribal people of Chitwan, as they are famous for their Unique Culture and rituals. Discovering the Tharu Village provides a great chance to know about Tharu peoples, their ideologies, and rituals.

Tharu Cultural Presentations:

Enjoying the Tharu Cultural Presentation, along with the Dinner and evening fresh airs, is an excellent choice for refreshments. Tharu Cultural Dance is an awesome platform to enjoy its unique Stick dances and other presentations.  

Elephant Bathing:

Excellent Choice to acclimatize on the stunning summers by taking a refreshing dip into the water of Rapti River. Moreover, you will enjoy the waters from the Elephant Trunk, which admits the unique “Shower.” You can bath alongside our trained Elephants and swim in River Rapti. During winter season Elephants feel cold for bathing, so we offer Elephant Bathing from Match to July. For further information, please contact us.

Jeep Safari:

Jeep Safari is among the prominent jungle activities in Chitwan. We include Jeep Safari for packages above 3 Nights and four days. However, on your special request, we are flexible in customizing the itineraries. Jeep Safari goes surpassing the grasslands, riverine & Sal forests towards Kasara. Kasara is the headquarter of Chitwan National Park. Apart from Jeep safari, you will experience vast jungles, Gharial Hatchery farm, wildlife, etc. Similarly, you will witness how crocodiles are brought up and released from the farm into the river.

Sunset View:

Enjoying evening snacks and cocktail beers, and acclimatizing with nature, while viewing Sunset over the sky is a great option. Additionally, if you are interested in rafting, then, we are ready to include white water rafting within the trip pack.

Special Tour:

We offer various special tour package for Chitwan. Apart from Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour packages, we admit tours like Chutia Hills trek, Deep Jungle Trek, etc. Moreover, we will surpass various hidden treasures while exploring our special jungle activities in Chitwan

Elephant Briefing:

Our naturalist guide will give you the complete guide about the elephant’s life cycles, types, and more. Besides this, you will be able to learn about the Elephant breeding system, history of Elephants in Chitwan National Park, etc. Chitwan National Park has many Elephants from Asian breeds to African breeds. Indeed, it’s a great chance to witness and acquire the riding steps of Elephants. 

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Chitwan Jungle Safari is a loved tour, as many tourists come to discover Chitwan National Park. The National Park is famous for its wildlife conservation.
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