Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park is also known as the Chitwan Rastriya Nikunja in Nepali. It is the first National Park of Nepal established in the year 1973. Moreover, Chitwan National Park is under the World Heritage site since 1984. National Park covers an area of 952.63 sq. Km, which is surrounded by Subtropical Inner Terai Lowlands of South Central Nepal. These vast forest ranges incorporate Nawalparasi, Makwanpur, Parsa, Chitwan districts. Chitwan National Park initiates from 100 meters in the river valley and ascends towards the churi Hills with an altitude of 815 Meters.

Annually, thousands of travelers globally come to discover the stunning wildlife of National Park. Prominent activities in Chitwan National Park include Jungle Safari, Jeep Safari, Bird watching, Canoe Ride, Nature Walk, and more. Besides this, Elephant Bathing, Elephant Safari, Tharu Dance, Village Tour, Sunrise Views, elephant Breeding Centers, are premier activities. National Park is a homeland for 68 species of mammals, 544 species of birds, and vast classes of amphibians. Indeed, Chitwan National Park is a paradise for spending fantastic holidays. The National Park is famous for its wildlife conservation, especially Royal Bengal Tiger and One-Horned Rhino.

National Park comprises vast ranges of Himalayan subtropical broadleaf forests. Sal trees predominantly cover more than 70 % of the areas of the national park. Similarly, Chris Pine, Beleric, Rosewood, Axlewood, Elephant apple, soft grey balsam are very popular in these deciduous forests. There are many such essential herbs, shrubs, creepers, climbers, which contributes to the garandness of National Park.

Chitwan National Park-Biodiversity 

Species of Faunas include large species of King Cobra, Rock Python, Snakes, monitor lizards, starred tortoise, mugged crocodiles, fish, etc. Additionally, mammals include Royal Bengal Tiger, Golden Jackals, Jungle cats, Leopard Cats, Asian Palm Civets, Mongoose, yellow-throated martens, etc. Besides this, One-Horned Rhinos are under strict rules of conservation, as Nepal is famous globally for its preservation.

Thus, Chitwan National Park is a heaven for majestic wildlife tourism in Nepal.

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Chitwan National Park
Chitwan National Park is the first national park in Nepal. It is called Royal Chitwan National Park & established in 1973. Chitwan is famous for wildlife.
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