Chitwan Safari comes with several highlights, as holidays tour to Chitwan admits the memorable journey of Chitwan National Park. Prominent highlights of Chitwan Safari includes vast subtropical forests, wildlife, culture, and exotic biodiversity. Chitwan is the heart of jungles and a complete paradise for astonishing floras and faunas. Moreover, the gallant floras and fauna of Chitwan National Park are rarely available, which bestows its specialty. Elephant Safari, Elephant Bathing, Nature Walk, Bird Watching, Canoe Ride, Tharu Village, Tharu Presentation are essential highlights of Chitwan.

Likewise, Sunrise views, Sunset views, Jeep safari, are other significant highlights of Chitwan Jungle Safari. Chitwan Safari is the best choice for a stunning holiday to remain free from the hustle and bustle of life. Chitwan National Park is Nepal’s first National Park and is also under the world heritage site. The National Park is home to amazing floras, faunas, landscapes, and natural architectures. Indeed, Chitwan National Park is a home for 68 species of Mammals, 544 species of birds. National Park also includes uncountable varieties of amphibians and reptiles. Chitwan National Park also contains a unique Elephant Breeding Center and Crocodile Breeding Center. Chitwan National Park is a stunning destination in the landscapes of the inner-terai offering fabulous graces of wildlife, nature, heritage & the beauty of the ecosystem. Our Chitwan Safari Package brings you the thrill of exotic wildlife & graces of mother nature. Holiday travel in Chitwan National Park is just an exciting trip to heaven in the inner terai of Nepal. We invite every Holiday seekers for a stunning Chitwan tour, with a fabulous journey to the wildlife and scenic geographies. Below is the list of premier highlights of Jungle Safari/Chitwan National Park.

  • Discover Chitwan National Park
  • Elephant Safari
  • Jeep Safari
  • Elephant Breeding Center
  • Jungle Walk,
  • Bird Watching,
  • Enjoying Elephant Bathing and Swimming
  • Tharu Cultural Presentation
  • Experience unique lifestyle of Tharu Communities,
  • Observe many endangered species like Asian One-Horned Rhino, Royal Bengal Tiger,
  • Views of Musk Deers, Langurs, Dense Forests, Vegetations, Bears, etc.
  • Elephant Herd,  
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Highlights of Chitwan Safari
Explore the Chitwan National Park Elephant Safari/Jeep. Jungle safari in is sure to be a highlight trip to Nepal, make memories will last a lifetime.
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Chitwan Safari
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