Chitwan is a home for wildlife tourism, as Jungle Safari in Chitwan takes you to the fantastic jungle journey. Jungle Safari in Chitwan includes activities like Jeep Safari, Elephant Safari, Elephant Bathing, Bird Watching, Canoe Ride, and more. To illustrate, other events in Chitwan include Nature Walk, Sunshine Views, Elephant Breeding Center, etc. We offer a great journey of Chitwan Jungle Safari, which admits all these activities.

Additionally, Tharu cultural presentations, Tharu village tour is also part of our plan, which admits the vibes of traditional heritages. Tharu communities are among the indigenous peoples of Nepal, so a trip to Tharu village is a great platform to get closer to their rituals. Elephant Jungle Safari in Chitwan is an excellent platform to dip closer into the healthy forests, Wildlife, and remarkable biodiversity.


Similarly, Elephant bathing on the Bank of Rapti river is a unique platform to enjoy a bath with an Elephant. The canoe ride is another high activity for short boating and experiencing the picturesque motions of genetic beauty. Birdwatching from Rapti river admits views of amazing birds. Sunrise and Sunset views from the Rapti river enlightens our trip, and Unique Tharu presentations, with dinner, adds perfect relaxations. Furthermore, the Elephant Breeding Center, Jeep Safari are other activities for Jungle Safari in Chitwan. Jungle Safari in Chitwan is a complete journey of entertainment, adventure, memories, Wildlife and more.

Chitwan Jungle Safari: 

We invite everyone for refreshing holidays in Chitwan, Nepal. Journey to Chitwan is free from the hustle and bustle of life, with unbelievable feelings of spiritualism, nature, and Wildlife. Chitwan Safari team is always ready to serve you with an astonishing trip to Chitwan National Park. We offer varieties of specialized rooms for our clients based on their demands. We provide quality Meals at affordable ranges from Nepali, Indian, Chinese, continental, and more. Our naturalist guides are always ready to serve you out with excellent hospitable services.


Thus, enjoying Jungle Safari in Chitwan with Chitwan Safari team promises an unforgettable wildlife tour. 

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Chitwan Jungle Safari is a exciting & exotic way to search the wildlife at its natural habitant. National Park of Chitwan is situated in south-central Nepal
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